In-Flight Nursing Services

One of our trained in-flight nurses attends to a patient.



Kearney In-Flight Nursing Services is a licensed, insured and bonded nursing services organization. We provide complete and comprehensive nursing care to critically ill patients who must travel by air, as well as to elderly, frail, sick and semi-ambulatory persons who desire assistance and support while in transit.

As a licensed New York health care provider, we are an accredited member of the National Association of Physicians' Nurses, the Health Care Providers Association of New York State, and a member of the Home Care Association of New York State.

Kearney In-Flight Nursing Services is always ready to serve you, whether your intended journey be around the world or just an hour's flight away.

Besides nurses and doctors, we provide all necessary medical treatment and special medical equipment needed en route, in the air and on the ground. All members of our in-flight nursing starr are fully qualified to provide patients with high-quality in-flight nursing care.

Beyond medical assistance, Kearney In-Flight Nursing professionals are entirely proficient in:

--all in accordance with a prearranged medical treatment plan. This plan is supervised by two doctors: the one who discharges the patient at the point of departure, and another who admits the patient at the point of arrival. Patients are transferred not only with their medications and needed medical equipment, but also with copies of their individual medical records.


Who Needs In-Flight Nursing Services?

Typically, two types of patients require professional in-flight nursing care:

1) critically ill patients who need transfer from one healthcare facility to another, and who may also need special medical support or treatment en route.

2) frail, elderly and sick persons who wish to travel with a Registered Nurse who will administer in-flight care-- usually on flights to vacation spots, visits to distant relatives or friends, or on trips to attend important meetings or events.

Other typical requests for in-flight nursing services may be made by a family that wants a loved one to winter in Florida, or by a doctor who needs a patient to be transferred from a hospital setting to a special clinic, perhaps, for an organ transplant. Another example: a patient who becomes acutely ill while away from home and wishes to be transferred back to the care of their own family and physician.


Pre-flight Evaluation

Everyone who requires in-flight nursing services must complete a pre-flight evaluation procedure, which is conducted 72 hours prior to departure. This is done to learn about the patient's medical history, and to ascertain whether he or she

Such information is critical for Kearney In-Flight Nursing Services to coordinate all in-flight care requirements within the airline. Particularly for longer flights, we must ensure the proper preparation of meals, and structuring of appropriate seating or other accommodations. The pre-evaluation also helps our staff to anticipate the possible onset of air sickness-- especially such symptoms as nausea, dizziness and disorientation-- while in flight.

Our Kearney In-Flight Nursing Team, as required, will accompany each patient or person from door to door. On the ground, our Registered Nurse Case Manager monitors the in-flight plan at our headquarters.

Kearney In-Flight Nursing Services takes full charge of arranging for air-ambulance and -ambulette services, luggage transfer, and all pre-travel in-flight medical / nursing preparations for any needed airborne treatment. This means that we organize all equipment requirements, whether the patient is traveling on a stretcher or wheelchair, needs oxygen or intravenous therapy in a compressed atmosphere, or must travel in a seated or other position.


Who is Eligible for Service?

To be eligible to receive in-flight services, one must

a) be in need of professional medical care or escort supervision while on an airplane;

b) be under the care of a licensed physician (all required services will be ordered by the physician and arranged through a plan of care coordinated to meet the patient's individual needs);

c) need or want to travel anywhere worldwide; and

d) have pre-flight clearance to travel from the attending physician at the point of departure.